STOP-IT!® For Your Child’s Safety:
  “Emergency brake” for use by an adult.  Stop the car remotely at any moment.     

  The car will also stop automatically when out of reception range.

STOP-IT!® - Now, You Can Enjoy Too:
- No need to chase the child’s car,  just walk along.
- Or, sit, relax and watch your child having fun driving in the vicinity.

STOP-IT!® - Additional Features:

- Each STOP-IT!® device has a specific ID code, ensuring an exclusive link to the correct car. 

- The adult can choose between “controlled” and “un-controlled” driving modes.

- Immobilizer :  Lock car by keeping STOP-IT!® off.  Look here to see why 

- Programmable power management:  battery will not run out by surprise.

STOP-IT!®  is Not a Remote Control !

- Adult does not drive the car:  the child still enjoys the driving experience.

- Ensure your child safety, effortlessly:  the child enjoys driving,  while you stay relaxed.

Please read safety instructions before use.
Adult supervision is required at all times.


   How Does It Work ?                     Technical Specification