STOP-IT!® - How Does It Work ?

As long as the STOP-IT!® transmitter is ON, it transmits “GO” signals repeatedly, enabling the child to drive.  However, if “GO” signals are not received correctly (with the specific car ID code), the receiver stops the car.

In addition, when the STOP-IT!® transmitter is switched off (to the “STOP” position), it transmits a “STOP” signal to the car, stopping it instantly.

What happens when the wireless communication is interrupted?

The child can drive normally as long as the vehicle receives valid “GO” signals that match its specific ID code. When the receiver senses the absence of the signals, the vehicle will stop automatically. This will prevent uncontrolled driving in case of obstructed communication (such as: getting out of range, interference by other signal sources, weak battery, etc.).

What is the difference between the STOP-IT!® Safety Brake and a regular remote control?

With a regular remote control, the adult drives the car remotely, while the child remains passive. Therefore, the child loses the advantages of a driving experience.

In contrast, with the STOP-IT!® Safety Remote Brake, the child still enjoys the driving experience, which helps the development of 
visuo-motor coordination, spatial orientation, self-confidence, concentration, and sense of responsibility.

The STOP-IT!® Safety Remote Brake is similar to the driving teacher’s emergency brake pedal: adults can effortlessly ensure the child safety, while the child enjoys driving. Adults can stay relaxed, as they do not need to chase the driving child any more.  Instead, they can walk along with ease, and supervise the child.

Another difference is: each STOP-IT!® device has a specific ID code, ensuring an exclusive link to the specific car.  In contrast, with many regular remote-controls, the child's car may be driven away unintentionally by a foreign remote control, which makes it very dangerous.

Finally, last important difference is: with STOP-IT!®, the car will stop automatically when losing communication for any reason (such as: getting out of range, low battery, etc).  In contrast, when communication is lost with a regular remote control, the child can drive away without the adult's supervision.

What Is The Maximum Operation Range ?

The actual operation range can reach about 50-100 feet / 15-30 meters and even more, depending on weather conditions, battery strength, etc. However, safety does not depend on range, since the riding toy stops automatically upon leaving the safe reception area.

My child has become an experienced driver.  I would like to allow him drive without the STOP-IT control.

You can easily switch between “controlled” and “un-controlled” driving modes. Please see user's manual for details.

What happens if another STOP-IT!® device is operating nearby?

Usually nothing happens.  Each STOP-IT!®  transmitter is equipped with a specific ID code, which is transmitted with every “stop” and “go” signal. The STOP-IT!® receiver (installed in the vehicle) will respond to “stop” or “go” signals if these are transmitted along with this specific ID code, but will ignore any signal transmitted with a different ID code.

May I leave the driving child un-attended ?

Never!  It is vital that you always stay near your child and supervise the use of his riding toy.  In any unlikely event of malfunction, you can still protect your child only if you are nearby.

Where can I buy the STOP-IT!® Safety Remote Brake?

Please look at the Where-to-Buy page for your nearest distributor.