Important Development In Safety Of Battery Operated Riding Toys

Battery operated riding toys considerably enhance child development:  the self-driving helps development of visuo-motor coordination, spatial orientation, self-confidence, concentration, and sense of responsibility.

Many parents have, however, refrained from buying this toy, due to the difficulty of closely watching the child while driving.

Some other parents resorted to running along the driving children so as to guard them. This enabled the child to enjoy the driving experience, but for the parents it was quite a straining and tiring experience.

This drawback was completely avoided since the STOP-IT® Safety Remote Brake was introduced.  Nowadays, it is possible to buy for a 3 year old child a 12 volt driving toy with no worry: the parents get a remote "braking pedal" which enables them to supervise their child from distance and to stop him when required.  There is no need to chase the driving child.  One can sit nearby, or enjoy walking along the child.  If the child does not stop the car himself when required, the parent can do so with a push of a button.

Parents who tried this device were extremely satisfied with the safety it assured.  They report that the strain they used to experience when the child was using the driving toy is completely gone.  Now they feel entirely relaxed while their child enjoys driving.

The operation range of the device is about 50-100 feet / 15-30 meters and even more, depending on the weather conditions and other factors. It is however important to stress that safety does not depend on the operation range since the riding toy stops automatically upon leaving the safe reception area.

Every riding toy has its own identification code and can therefore be activated only by its own STOP-IT® device.

The STOP-IT® Safety Brake is protected by patents in many countries in Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

Finally, read carefully the safety instructions before use. 
Adult supervision is always required.

Selected 12 volt riding toys, equipped with the STOP-IT® Safety Remote Brake, are available from leading stores.

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